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We honor the memories of our departed brothers from the Missouri Zeta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon.  With a true heart, our brothers were a shield of defense to those less able to bear their burdens.  Like all the spirited brothers of the Golden Heart, they answered the challenge of the Fraternity with virtue and diligence by filling their appointed place in their family, in their community, and in our Fraternity.

These brothers, to whom we bid farewell, bound their hearts with the hearts of their brothers in the ties of fraternal love.  The unity of brotherly love draws us to console those among us who knew them well, remembering we are admonished to “Be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love…”

Now our brothers have been called to the presence of the Maker of all.  But we are consoled by the words of St. Paul, “…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”  And so we are also comforted with the certain knowledge that our brothers finally have peace from the diligent labors of this life.

We know that the sorrow we suffer, in the loss of our brothers, shall but strengthen the devotion of our memory of them.  We are humbled in realizing the truth of the Scriptures which tell us, “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is life?  It is ever a vapour that appreareth for a little time and then vanisheth away.”  As our fraternity philosophy reminds us, “…life is transitory and may be abruptly ended at any time.”

Indeed, as the beautiful flower withers and fades in its prime, its purpose is fulfilled in having brought joy into the life of its beholder.

May one of our Fraternity’s symbols, the red rose, now assume added significance as an expression of our enduring fraternal love for our departed brothers.

The Chapter Eternal

George Adams, ‘58

Sam Allen, 2013

Robert G. Allen, '56

Charles Asberry, ‘66

Mike Beckmann, ‘59

Ronny Bellm, ‘63

Charles F. Berry, '55

Larry Bert, ‘59

Roger Henry Boschen, ‘64

Tom Briegel, ‘59

James Buckles, ‘59

Ronald Leon Buckner, ‘62

Steven Burdett, ‘75

Shaun Carlile, '86

Edwin James Carlton, ‘68

Frank Dominic Caruso, '72

James Michael Cassidy, '66

William M. Cherry, '58

Bobby Christman, '17

Joseph Clacker, ‘68

John Atherton Collier, ‘69

Robert Lee Compton, '54

William Maurice Cooper, ‘60

Marvin Leroy Cravens, '58

Jack Crawford, '56

Frank Czapla, ‘58

Richard Arlen Decker, '61

Mike Dial, ‘89

Charles Digiovanni, 57

David Ebeling, ‘64

Kurt Ebert, ‘81

Greg Eble, ‘88

Floyd Monte Evens, ‘54

Hugh Fabian, ‘91

Robert Joseph Feiner, '56

Earl Finney, '58

Vincent Albert Fintrup, '61

Jim Frisella, '57

Salvadore Gassiraro, 72

Michael Geoghegan, ‘70

Richard Giebler, ‘63

Marion "Kermit" Goddard, '57

Marvin Goddard, ‘57

Steven Gray, ‘84

Gerald Guenzler, ‘59

Eugene Haenni, '61

Thomas Hare, '65

Michael Harlan, 2007

Fritz Heim, ‘34

Warren Lee Henlon, '57

Russel Dale Hill, '66

Ronald Thurston Hill, '60

William Edward Hoener, '55

Robert Hoffman, ‘58

James Michael Hudson, '86

Jere Huss, ‘62

Robert Issacs, '66

Michael  Janchick, ‘66

Robert Jefferis, ‘87

Stephen Jerabek, ‘69

Gary Jost, '60

Dennis Lloyd Kannady, '72

Bob Kells, ‘89

Donald Ketchum, ‘66

Peter Kilker, ‘85

Robert Knight, ‘56

Richard Komorech, ‘75

Dale Korn, ‘59

Bradley Kottmann, ‘88

Don Allan Krueger, ‘62

Harold Kuehle, ‘61

Steve Lankheit, ‘91

Greg Laux, ‘79

Thomas Lee, ‘64

Oliver Littleton, ‘54

Robert Lohr, ‘59

John Robert Love, ‘61

Caleb Lumos, 2004

James Maynard, '63

Lindsay McConachie, '69

Keith McKown, ‘75

Thomas Karr McLaughlin, '61

Larry Miller, ‘69

Roger Minton, '73

James Mullally, ‘78

Alan Nenninger, ‘67

Bruce Nall, '68

James Edward Nenninger, '61

John Thomas O'Keefe, '60

Grover Hugh Overstreet, '67

George Bernard Padberg, ‘68

James Patterson, ‘75

Chester Pearman, '58

Ralph Popp, '58

Charles Harold Pruitt, '58

Paul Nickolas Ranson, '64

James Richard Rathert, ‘68

Harold Regains, '59

Edgar Rehagen, '59

John William Reid, ‘62

Albert Richie, '58

Clarence John Ritter, ‘59

Virgil Rolfsmeyer, ‘56

Robbie Rollins, '82

Ronald Rueseler, ‘63

Bobby Rushing, '72

Robert Schaffner, ‘55

Roger Harley Schlittler, '69

Joe Scott, ‘69

Benny Shell, '57

Charles Shewmake, ‘55

Ronald Davis Spain, '57

James Spalding, ‘67

Woodford “Tip” Spencer, ‘67

Wayne Stevens, ‘66

James Stovall, ‘72

Robert Sutterer, '55

William Swinger, ‘59

Ronald Taylor, ‘64

Robert Allen Threlkeid, '64

James Franklin Townsend, ‘63

Richard Lee Walters, '57

Ken Wessel, '56

Benjamin Everette Whitener, '64

Ronald George Wittmer, ‘62

Gary Whittenberg, ‘72

Roy Willbrand, '61

The Following Gentlemen are listed with the Southeast Missouri State Alumni Foundation as being SigEps that are deceased.  We do not have a record of them in the National Fraternity Membership Archives.  If you know any of these men and can confirm they are SigEps, please contact us and we will move them into the list above.

Phillip G. Asher

Howard G. Bock

Jo Cochran

Charles A. Evans

Lyman Evans

Robert W. Foard